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Welcome to Latesha Steele's Habitat Chicago Goes to Nicaragua

Latesha Steele

Habitat for Humanity has afforded me an opportunity to not only serve my communities here in Chicago in the area of Construction Services, I now have the pleasure of serving globally!! Who knew that my passion for community revitalization would extend throughout the world!

Nicaragua has one of the highest housing deficits in Central America. The deficit is both qualitative and quantitative; in addition to needing 20,000 new houses per year, the country needs infrastructure improvements on more than 50 percent of its existing houses. The total deficit generates a need for 957,000 new houses and home improvements, and only 50 percent of the total need is covered between the private and public sectors.

This October I am trading in my heels for steel-toed boots; securing my hard hat and grabbing my hammer. Why? EVERY family has challenges but having a place to call home shouldn't be one of them.

I extend the opportunity for you to make a difference as I ask you to partner with me by contributing to my goal.

I truly appreciate your support and thank you in advance for your consideration.

Let's do this!


raised of $1,800 goal

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1. Laura Lothschutz
Wow! Going to build in Nicaragua - you are amazing.
2. Latesha Steele