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It's a common belief that all of Habitat Chicago's materials are donated and that we receive our funding through Habitat for Humanity International and the government. This isn't the case! The vast majority of our funding comes from the generosity of individuals and organizations within our local Chicago community. By raising funds for Habitat Chicago, and rallying your friends and family to support your efforts, you: 
 Drive donations to help families improve their health, education, economic, and social conditions for generations through quality housing.

 Bring new supporters to Habitat, who otherwise might never hear about our work, and might just become great affordable housing champions.

 Help spread the word about what Habitat actually does (many people still believe that Habitat is a giveaway program).

 Demonstrate your personal generosity and commitment to building a Chicago where everyone has a decent place to live.



Every dollar you raise makes a local impact by helping to fund our work, by covering things like: 
 The tools and materials needed to construct new, affordable homes for families, like Crysteal’s, who have a need for decent housing and do not qualify for traditional lending. 
 Education courses for first-time homebuyers that cover an array of topics including: Mortgages and Deeds, Property Taxes, Community Engagement, and Home Maintenance.
 The tools and materials used to run our Home Care Workshop Series, which provides free educational classes on topics ranging from home weatherization to plumbing basics.
 Funding our Neighborhood Grant Initiative, which unite residents of our focus neighborhoods to realize their dreams of improvements for their community.




To My Habitat Chicago Family,
Before I became a Habitat Chicago homeowner, my family was evicted twice within six months as a result of neighborhood gentrification. Sadly for me and so many other families, landlords in Illinois are able to evict tenants without cause. Although we were paying our rent and caring for the property, our landlord saw an opportunity to evict us, rehab the property, and rent it for twice or three times its previous asking price. Because my family could not afford the exorbitant increase in rent, we were left in a panic, not knowing how or where we would find a safe place to live that we could afford on such short notice.

My friends, as a direct result of your support this last year, I know that my family and I will never face this hardship again because I am now a homeowner in control of my destiny.

You have given my family, and so many other families, the ability to live strong, stable, and self-reliant lives. You have given us security, affordability, peace of mind, and legacy. You replaced what was a horrid and turbulent time with bliss.
Thank you for supporting Habitat for Humanity Chicago’s mission of helping families like mine,
Shelonda M.