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Fundraising might seem like a daunting task, but you have our guarantee that once you dive in, you'll see how fun, simple, and rewarding it can be. Below you'll find some handy guides, photos, and information on logo usage. 



My.HabitatChicago.org User Guide. This big guy helps you get your page up and running, as well as navigate all the features and functionality available to you behind the scenes. 

Fundraising Pointers. This lil' guy contains some quick bullet points on things you can do right away to boost your campaign's success. 

Group Fundraising Ideas. This ever-evolving idea book has some of the most clever ideas we've seen fundraising groups do over the years. Give 'em a whirl to take your team fundraising game to the next level. 

Individual Fundraising Ideas. Coming soon!




Logo usage. Our brand is precious to us (did you know Habitat for Humanity was recently voted nonprofit brand of the year?) If you require a logo, please email us with an overview of how you intend to use it! More likely than not, we'll be able to share our kit with you.  

Photos. Check out our photo gallery (you'll need to take a screen shot for now, but we're working on it). If these don't suit your fancy, try our Facebook albums.

Social Media Kit. We're hard at work assembling the contents - stay tuned! 



If you have a question that the guides above don't answer, please visit our FAQs page or drop us a note at gifts@habitatchicago.org.