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Habitat FAQs

What is Habitat for Humanity Chicago (Habitat Chicago)? What do you do?
Why does Habitat Chicago's work matter?
Does Habitat Chicago only build new homes?
Are Habitat Chicago homes given away?
Chicago is so big! Why do you only focus in certain neighborhoods?
Who gets the homes we're helping to fund?
Why does Habitat need people to fundraise and/or donate?
Where else does Habitat for Humanity operate? What are Habitat for Humanity affiliates?
How can I volunteer with Habitat Chicago?

Fundraising FAQs

Donation FAQs

What does my donation support?
How do I make a donation to a specific participant's fundraising page?
How do I make a donation to a team's page?
How do I make an offline donation?
Is my donation tax-deductible?
Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Can I keep my name and donation amount anonymous?
How do I leave a custom note of encouragement with my donation?