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The life-changing benefits of affordable homeownership are immense: it improves school performance, decreases crime, improves financial outcomes, and enhances the health and well-being of children and adults – just to name a few. But due to gendered barriers like the pay gap and its impact on credit access, and uneven child care responsibilities that limit time and financial resources, it is far more difficult for women to become homeowners.

Studio Gang isn't okay with this and we're doing something about it. This October, we’re linking arms, picking up our power tools, and joining in Habitat for Humanity Chicago's Women Build to knock these barriers down. Alongside 450 determined women, we will raise $300,000 to help build Habitat for Humanity homes that will be purchased by women with affordable mortgages! Then, we're hitting the Habitat construction sites in West Pullman to help build the homes.

Help us reach our goal so we can change the lives of these women forever and prove that there is nothing a committed group of women can’t achieve when they come together.

Every donation - big, small, or somewhere in between - helps to build a strong, stable, and equal future.

Thank you for your support!
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Here is our Chicago team doing our best boy-band-socially-distanced team photo

while our New York team raised another 6K helped restore existing facilities!

This team raised over 9K and spent 9 hours siding all sides of this house!


We're excited to share we have exceded our team fundraising goal!!! Thank you all for the support. 22 days until we build!


The government isn't printing any cash - so we made our own! Redeemable for cookies when we're back in the office :)


A month until build day - and we're over halfway to our team goal!


Stay at home orders couldn't keep us from a team photo!



raised of $6,000 goal

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Eileen and Barney (the dog) at Barneys Vintage Fun
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Way to go Nora!
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Nora ... I think it is wonderful you are taking part in this volunteer event. I am very proud of you. UB
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You go, girl!
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Way to go!!!