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Support Saba Khalid in Women Build 2020!

Saba Khalid

I am deeply honored and excited to build a home for the next woman in Chicago. However, in order to ensure that we have enough funding for the homes we are building, we need your help!

This October, I'm grabbing my hammer, strapping on my tool belt, and joining Habitat Chicago's Women Build alongside 450 determined women to knock these barriers down to enable these resilient women to become the homeowners they have been striving to be.

YOU can make a difference. Help me reach my fundraising goal so we can change the lives of these women forever and prove that there's nothing a group of committed women can't do.

Change happens one person at a time. I appreciate any support you can give - big, small, or somewhere in between.

Stay strong!


raised of $1,000 goal

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1. WMWest Monroe
2. TRTakmela S. Rahman
This is awesome Saba, masha’Allah!
3. RARohit Agarwal
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5. DBDan Belmont
Great case Saba!
6. THThomas Hulsebosch
Good luck Saba!

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