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The life-changing benefits of affordable homeownership are immense: it improves school performance, decreases crime, improves financial outcomes, and enhances the health and well-being of children and adults – just to name a few. But due to gendered barriers like the pay gap and its impact on credit access, and uneven child care responsibilities that limit time and financial resources, it is far more difficult for a woman to own a home than a similarly situated man.

Perkins and Will is doing something about this. We’re linking arms, picking up our power tools, and joining in Habitat for Humanity Chicago's Women Build to knock these barriers down. Alongside 400 determined women, we will raise $275,000 to help build affordable homes that will be owned by women! Then, we're hitting the Habitat build site in October to help construct the homes. 

Help us reach our goal so we can change the lives of these women forever and prove that there is nothing a committed group of women can’t achieve when they come together. Every donation - big, small, or somewhere in between - helps to build a strong, stable, and equal future.

Our team is fundraising with a goal of $10,000. Paired with the $7,500 that our Chicago office has pledged to the cause, we hope to contribute a total of $17,500!

Thank you for your support!
Perkins and Will

We can't express enough gratitude to the friends, family, and colleagues that supported us this year. Your generosity amounted to an incredible $12,926, and with PW's $7,500 sponsorship, we raised a total of $20,426 for Habitat Chicago Women Build!!


We have a couple builders missing here but huge shout out to our crew of our cocktail-slinging, tip collecting, Habitat loving ladies who made this event a huge success (as well as the support staff not pictured)!

We did it! Proceeds from our Women Build themed happy hour have tipped us past our $10,000 goal. Let's keep it going!

Great turnout for our office-wide "Beer Time" happy hour to raise funds for Women Build. We surpassed our goal of $10,000 thanks to the continued generosity of our fellow colleagues and friends!


Goodies designed by Kate! More fundraising tomorrow night at Perkins and Will! Donors can win these gorgeous coozies as our builders bartend for the evening, featuring concoctions like the Pink Lady, Rosé the Riveter, and of course Shirley Temples!


We've reached a new milestone! Every builder on our team has reached the minimum fundraising amount to particpate in the Build Day! A HUGE THANK YOU to each and every person who has contributed to this special cause. Now we're focused on hitting or exceeding our bigger goal of $10,000! Our team will host an office-wide fundraising happy hour in September with Women Build themed cocktails 'n concoctions. Stay tuned for results!


Scroll down below to see how each of our builders is doing! If you are considering donating to the overall Perkins and Will team, we urge you to donate instead to any INDIVIDUAL builder who has less than $375 raised. We each must raise a minimum of $375 in order to participate in the Build Day. Thank you!!

Our 12 fabulous builders from clockwise left to right: Jennifer Carzoli, Beth Bailey, Brooke Kamins, Emily Preece, Juliette Zidek, Angie Forshee, Ellie Kim, Kate Dailey, Agnieszka Chapman, Rebecca Groves, Kay Lee, and Chika Sekiguchi!


What is happening here? Any excuse to get outside! Fundraising strategy sessions underway on our rooftop :)


Info session at Perkins and Will to learn more about Habitat Chicago and why we are fundraising! Thank you to Deena Prescavage from Habitat Chicago, and Tabitha Jackson, Habitat homebuyer for sharing your stories with us!



raised of $10,000 goal

12 Builders


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