We partner with hard-working women who do not qualify for typical loans to become homeowners. Qualifying households meet three basic criteria: 1) Demonstrate a need for decent housing (currently living in unsafe or overcrowded conditions or are severely rent-burdened); 2) Are willing to partner in our program by completing 250-350 volunteer hours and attending our free homebuyer readiness training classes; 3) Have the ability to purchase their home with an affordable mortgage.

Women enter the program as a cohort, designed to provide built-in support for navigating the process of homeownership as a first-time buyer. It can take 12-18 months to complete the program. At the end of the program, homebuyers become neighbors in one of our focus communities, living in healthy and sustainable homes built by themselves, volunteers, and Habitat construction staff. 



Britany is a savvy network support engineer, whose fierce love of her son, Noah, serves as her source of motivation to become a homeowner. Though she is nervous about moving to a new neighborhood and all of the work that goes into building a house, she is eager to get started on the construction process alongside other volunteers, meet all of her new neighbors, and share her story. She is ready to provide a stable home for herself and her son… 

“I remember going from home to home growing up, and I don’t want that for my son. I want to raise my son in a home we can call our own. I want to create that stable environment for him. Not only will we feel secure, but the burden of instability will finally be lifted!” 



Denae is a creative spirit who is inspired by the idea of fixing and building her own home. Her two sons are the center of her world, and she is motivated to provide her youngest son, Darius, a place to build new memories. As the mother of such an active twelve year old, Denae hopes she can provide her son the opportunity to make the same memories she has of playing in the backyard with friends and family… 

“Darius will now be able to have his own room, and can play in our new backyard. I want to put a basketball rim out there! The inside will be more creative- I want a craft space, a memorial wall, and most importantly somewhere to have our family gatherings.” 



​Lybia is a compassionate special education aide who has dedicated her life to raising her three sons. Now that her sons are grown and she is a proud grandmother, Lybia is looking forward to the new challenge of learning to build and care for her new home, and having something truly for herself... 

“With Habitat, I feel joy because I’m actually helping to build the house from start to finish. I’ll help raise the first walls and put on the final coat of paint. It’s going to be a full learning process, and when it’s all done I’ll be able to fill the walls with family photos, create a signature wall, and just feel at peace. I’m ready to have something of my own."


Tabitha poses for a selfie with her dad

Tabitha is motivated to succeed as a homeowner, to be a rock of stability for her daughter, Ayianna, and to build a future of financial strength and growth. While the process of becoming a homeowner can be daunting, Tabitha’s nerves don’t stand a chance compared to her motivation to provide Ayianna with every opportunity for success that she can...

“I applied to become a homeowner with Habitat for the stability that comes with having a place that is reliably yours, a place that you work for and pay for and care for. I fully believe that everything will change after I become a homeowner. We will gain a new sense of accomplishment, pride, completeness, and confidence.”



Shaunavera is a dedicated Library Resource Sharing Assistant and mother. Working hard comes naturally to her, and her dynamic enthusiasm, cheerful sense of humor, and work ethic will undoubtedly propel her through this new journey. She looks forward to meeting new people who believe in her dreams… ​

“Owning my own home will be a great personal achievement. I’ve long wanted to provide my siblings with a place to return if life ever happens, and now I’ll get to do it. My confidence is going to soar, knowing that I’ve worked hard and achieved the status of homeowner, achieved a sense of security, and have made a serious investment in my family’s future.”



Uneshia is an analytical pharmacy technician and recently graduated with her Associates Degree. She is eager to become a homeowner and form bonds with her new neighbors. Her commitment to become a homeowner, and provide stability for her son, is markedly apparent: she chose to skip her graduation ceremony to attend the orientation session for the Affordable Homeownership Program... 

“I am so determined to have a stable place for me and my child. I want to have somewhere that is ‘ours’, not living with someone else. We can’t wait to step foot into OUR home and have our own space. Stability and happiness. My son and I will have stability and so much happiness.” 



Born and raised in the West Pullman area, Zahkeya looks forward to raising her energetic daughter Zarriay in the community she calls home. Zahkeya is resolute in becoming more prepared and responsible as a young homeowner. She's ready to demonstrate her capabilities, her fierce love for Zarriay, and her deliberate determination to work hard throughout the program. Though she is nervous about taking on such a huge responsibility…​

"I know the end result will be worth it. I am really looking forward to having something of my own, especially something I can pass along to Zarriay someday. We are so grateful to be a part of this and  feel like we belong here. Habitat is family now."



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