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Agnieszka Chapman

Hi Dear Friends!

This is the first time I participate in this kind of event and joined Perkins&Will all women team to help raise funds and to build a house for a woman that we actually got to meet. This is a great opportunity to directly help to improve someone's life, I hope you feel the same and will support me in this great cause!

We have a month left before the event and I hope to continue to raise funds for this great cause.

I appreciate any support you can give - big, small, or somewhere in between.

Thank you!



raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. CPChristine Pritchett
Aga, A great cause you have joined and I'm proud to support you!
2. OSOlga Sánchez
3. CWCalli Wright
4. CTCatherine Theis
Good Luck Aga! You are amazing!
5. avAnna Vaynshteyn
6. AVApril Vega
Aga - what a great cause - thank you for your efforts!
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