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Winter Warriors 2018: Team Pete

When the thermometer dips below freezing, that’s when we turn up the HEAT.

Why? Because too many of our low-income Chicago neighbors will have to make trade-offs this winter to cover the expense of heating their homes. Too many of our neighbors will have to ask themselves questions like: Do I pay my heating bill this month or pay for my child to play on his favorite sport team? Do I cover heating or do I put this money towards my dream of owning my own business? 

Our Site Supervisors Pete and Noe can't stand this injustice. That's why they're rallying our volunteers to raise the funds needed to buy insulation, siding and an HVAC heating system for a home and ensure that a Habitat Chicago homebuyer will never have to make sacrifices again.

And of course, they've turned it into a heated competition. 


Pete is adamant that his team can raise $10,000 for an HVAC heating system way beforeNoe's team can raise $10,000 for siding and insulation. When we asked Pete if he was concerned about Team Noe at all, he told us: 

"No amount of insulation is going to keep us from freezing out Team Noe. It's only a matter of time until the warmth of victory is ours." 

The stakes are even higher: the Supervisor of the losing team will face some icy-cold consequences: he has to wear a t-shirt with the winning Supervisor's face on it for the entire month of April!

So if you're ready to have some fun, ready to make a difference for your neighbors, and ready to  build a Chicago where no family is forced to make sacrifices to keep warm: 

Become a Habitat Chicago Winter Warrior today.