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Welcome to Rohit Agarwal's Habitat Global Village Page - 2018 Honduras Build

Rohit Agarwal
Throughout the world, homelessness is still a significant issue that affects millions. I believe that good, affordable housing should be a basic human right and am working in underserved communities to make that a reality. This fall, I will be spending a week in Honduras building homes with Habitat Chicago. I'm traveling to Santa Rosa de Copan and picking up a hammer because all hardworking families deserve a decent place to live.

You can make a difference too! By contributing towards my goal, you will ensure that families around the world have a place to call home.

I appreciate any support you can give - big or small - as we work together to see deserving neighborhoods thrive!



raised of $1,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. David South
Rohit--thx for commitment to Habitat and sharing your skills/passion beyond WM. David
2. Rachael Shapiro
3. Adam Holdorf
4. Ken M.
5. Paul Augustine
Thanks for your service to humanity, Rohit!
6. Liston Jackson