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10/13 Saturday - Team Wolfpack

Our team takes its inspiration from Abby Wambach's recent commencement address, in which she encouraged the women of Barnard to be the wolves of change that will save our world, to lead from wherever they are in life, and to support the other women in their wolfpack. Women Build is how we are working to achieve those same goals.

The life-changing benefits of affordable homeownership are immense: it improves school performance for kids, decreases crime, improves financial stability, and enhances the health and well-being for children and adults – among many others.

But there are significant barriers to home ownership, and these barriers are often insurmountable to a woman working alone.

Team Wolfpack is doing something about this. We’re linking arms, picking up our power tools, and joining in Habitat for Humanity Chicago's Women Build to knock these barriers down.

Alongside 300 determined women, we will completely fund and begin building the home of a low-income, woman-led family and celebrate all of the women purchasing affordable homes with Habitat for Humanity Chicago.

Help us reach our goal to change the lives of these women and to prove that there is nothing a committed group of women can’t achieve when they come together. Every donation helps to build a strong and stable future for these families and for our larger pack of humanity.

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