Building Houses, Breaking Ceilings!

10/13 Saturday - Team Hannah Berger-Butler

This rag-tag group of strong women are coming together to make it happen!

We understand the importance of homeownership and how it has been linked to improved school performance, improved financial outcomes, and enhanced health and well-being of children and adults- to name a few!

We also understand that due to gendered barriers such as the pay gap, uneven child care responsibilities, and higher mortgages rates and denials makes it significantly more difficult for women to secure housing stability compared to men.

So we are doing something about it! We are working with Habitat for Humanity and 300+ strong women to completely fund a build a home for a women-led home buyer!

We are building a house to break down the ceiling!

This home will be completely funded through donations and every bit counts. Help us reach our goal by donating to our team and help create a bright and equal future!

Thank you,
Hannah Berger-Butler and Team!


raised of $5,000 goal

12 Builders


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