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Support Jenny Hansen in the 2023 Women Build

Jenny Hansen
Homeownership is one of the most dynamic tools a person can use to build a strong and stable future.
This October, I'm grabbing my hammer, strapping on my tool belt, and joining Habitat Chicago's Women Build alongside 600 determined women to help a homeowner by contributing "sweat equity" with them to help build their home.

The Habitat program homebuyers put in hundreds of hours of “sweat equity,” which means they help build their own home and the homes of others in the Habitat for Humanity house building program, or volunteer at a Habitat ReStore. These prerequisite hours may also include classes in personal finances, home maintenance and other relevant topics to help ensure capability for the demands of owning a home.

Together, we will help our fellow neighbor become homeowners with Habitat Chicago, a nonprofit committed to championing healthy neighborhoods by investing in resident priorities, building quality homes, and supporting homeownership.  
You can make a difference by helping me reach my fundraising goal and prove that there's nothing a group of committed women builders can't do. The donation will help us buy supplies and safety equipment as well as aide in keeping the homeowners mortgage down or completely paid for.
Change happens one person at a time. I appreciate any support you can give - big, small, or somewhere in between. 
Thank you!


Our amazing crew!

I was on saw duty! I had so much fun with Susan getting all the boards up to the crew on the roof!

We were able to sheet two roofs before the rain came in!


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