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Candice Howarth
We're doing this people! On October 19th, I'll be spending the day helping to build a home (insane, I know), with a lovely team of women. My team is ran by the all-powerful badass Dorothy Rosen, the founder of Women Belong, an international networking organization for women in business.

The estimated cost of a house build with Habitat for Humanity is $300k, which we need to fundraise. And yes, it seems wildly lofty, but it's way more doable when broken down. My individual team has a goal of raising $25,000, and with 10 people on my team, that's $2,500 each.

Home should be your sanctuary, and yet homeownership is so often out of reach for so many, especially women and single women. It's one of the most dynamic tools a person can use to build a strong and stable future. However, it is a tool that far too many women are unjustly denied access. From the gender pay gap and its impact on credit profiles, to uneven childcare responsibilities that consume time and financial resources, to higher rates of mortgage denials despite superior payment performance, the hurdles keeping women from homeownership are high. 
This October, alongside an incredible crew of Women Builders, we will help our fellow women become homeowners via Habitat Chicago, a nonprofit committed to championing healthy neighborhoods by investing in resident priorities, building quality homes, and supporting homeownership.  
You can make a difference by helping me reach my fundraising goal if you are able. If not, just please send all the handy-woman skills vibes this way, my 18 weeks of woodworking classes in 2022 are finally getting put to good use :)
***thank youuuuuu***


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