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Amy Bilton
I am thankful that I have always had a stable home to live in. Not a house, a home. A place I knew I would be safe from harm. A place that sheltered me from the elements (like the extreme hot today, or the extreme cold of January.) A place I could use to build wealth (and keep me from spending that money on shoes!) and which I can use for retirement planning or pass on to my children in years to come. I could hang things on my walls, paint those walls, play my music as loudly as I wanted, and, most recently, take my whole home apart and build anew.

These are things many of us take for granted, and things many others don’t have. Yet everyone deserves a decent place to live. In the nearly 10 years I have been building for Habitat for Humanity Chicago’s Women Build, I have raised over $30,000 for the cause, but that’s less than a third of what it costs to build one home. I can do more but I need YOUR HELP.

Last year, I raised $13,500. I’m looking to surpass that this year and REALLY make a difference in a family’s life. Please consider donating to the cause – it directly helps hard working families and contributes to the health and safety of our beautiful city.

A few tidbits of information about Habitat Chicago’s Affordable Homeownership program:
- Homebuyers invest a minimum of 200 partner hours before closing on their home. At least 100 of these hours must be completed on a build site. That’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears but, I can tell you from experience, it’s empowering and teaches great lessons on how to keep your home in good shape.
- Habitat Chicago provides (and requires) education classes and workshops specifically designed to prepare the homeowner for success. This program includes topics such as financial management, home maintenance, civic engagement, and homeowner success.
- These homes aren’t giveaways. Homebuyers are just that – buyers. Habitat Chicago holds the 0% interest mortgages and caps the payments at either at 30% of the homebuyer’s monthly income or fair market value, whichever is less.
- Habitat Chicago is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, but donations to Habitat International stay with Habitat International and aren’t funneled to the affiliates. Every dollar you donate to my Women Build page goes directly to Habitat Chicago.

Please consider donating to this wonderful cause. It really makes a difference in lives and impacts the health and safety of Chicago.

Thank you!


raised of $15,000 goal

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