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Amanda Friant
Hi all,

This is my second year participating in Habitat’s Women Build with the Real Estate Finance Forum team. Thank you so much to everyone who donated last year. I was truly humbled with how much support you all showed me and our mission.

Last year was a huge success and personally so worthwhile. Our team of 10 rockstar females in the real estate industry got to work alongside the Habitat leaders (so we didn't cut our fingers off with bench saws) and one very deserving future homeowner. She shared her story and sweat equity with us. It was a highlight of my year and has inspired me to do it again because our work isn’t done.

As some of you know, I broke my leg this past spring and have had a long road to recovery. Our build this year on Oct 7th will mark three months of me walking again. While a full day of labor will be challenging, I've been "training" in PT to be back to where I was wielding a hammer this time last year.

If you're not familiar with Habitat's Women Build initiative, I encourage you to understand the "why." Homeownership was a big step for me into becoming independent, but universally many women are denied access to homeownership. From the gender pay gap, to uneven childcare responsibilities that consume time and money, to higher rates of mortgage denials despite superior payment performance, the hurdles keeping women from homeownership are high.

The REFF team is committed to affecting change not only in who works in our industry, but also who owns real estate. We plan to make a difference one house at a time and hope that you join us by contributing to our team fundraising goal.

Many thanks!


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