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Sheetal Vora
The potential of homeownership to build a secure future is substantial, yet it remains inequitably withheld from many women due to challenges like the gender pay gap, disparities in childcare, and uneven mortgage approval rates. This October, I am honored to lead the Perkins&Will Women Build team as part of Habitat Chicago. Collaborating with 600 resolute women, our aim is to eliminate these hindrances and empower women to attain homeownership. This endeavor aligns with the nonprofit's mission to enrich communities by investing in their growth and offering superior housing options.

Be a part of our journey towards our goal, enabling us to empower these women to access the benefits that come with owning a home. Together, let's demonstrate the immense potential when a determined group of women work together.

Every donation, whether substantial, modest, or in-between, contributes to shaping a resilient, secure, and equitable future.

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Sheetal Vora (Perkins&Will)

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