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Joan Russick
The life-changing benefits of affordable homeownership are immense—improved school performance and financial circumstances, decreased crime, enhanced health and well-being (for children and adults), and the opportunity to establish intergenerational wealth, to name a few. Gendered barriers, however, like the pay gap and its impact on credit access and uneven childcare responsibilities that limit time and financial resources, make it FAR more difficult for women—particularly black women—to become homeowners.

The OKWomen are NOT okay with that. So, we're doing something about it. On October 7th, we’ll be picking up power tools to knock down barriers to female homeownership. Alongside 600+ other determined women, we're going to help build Chicago homes that will soon be purchased, with affordable mortgages, by women!

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP TO DO THIS. It costs a lot to build a home and help other women unlock all the benefits that homeownership provides. Yet, there’s NOTHING a determined group of women—supported by our fabulous friends, family, and colleagues (that’s YOU)—can’t achieve. So, PLEASE consider supporting my team and me and donating to the 2023 Women Build. Any amount (big, small, or in between) will help us build a strong, stable, and equal future for ALL women.



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