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Hammer Time
We all know that empowering women is one way to protect and advance our families, children, careers, and communities (everything, really!). And homeownership is a tangible way to empower women and give them agency over what their lives look like.

Team Hammer Time is taking to the hammers (and nails and hardhats…) again this year and joining Habitat for Humanity Chicago’s annual Women Build to knock down barriers to women home ownership. Alongside 500+ incredible women, we will raise over $500,000 to help build new homes that will be purchased by women with affordable mortgages.

But Team Hammer Time needs your financial support to achieve this goal. Heck, WOMEN need your financial support to achieve this goal. Please help us reach it by giving a stretch gift, something that is (perhaps) a bit more than you might have given one year ago. By doing so, you will directly benefit women and return us to a strong and equal future.

Thank you so much!

Team Hammer Time

Yeeessss!!! Today we built. And kicked butt.


Throwback to WB 2021 & Team HT winning the hammerschlagen contest (duh)!

Let's go, WB 2023!



raised of $20,000 goal

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