Home Sweet Home written on the studs of a Habitat Chicago home



Fundraising might seem daunting at first, but we promise it can be an easy, fun, and rewarding endeavor. Use these resources below to get started:

Website User Guide. This PDF guide will help you get your page up and running, as well as navigate all the features and functionality available to you behind the scenes

Fundraising Tips to Get Started. A beginning PDF guide with steps to help kick off your fundraising efforts.

Social Media Kit (ZIP File)Build and organize your team, motivate fundraising, and share your support of Habitat Chicago with this collection of templates. This kit includes: social media posts and imagery. This downloads as a a ZIP File and includes JPEG and PDF files. Use and customize as you see fit!

Group Fundraising Playbook. This PDF contains creative ways to take your team's fundraising efforts to the next level.  

FAQs. Visit this webpage for answers to commonly asked questions regarding fundraising, donating, and participating in our Annual Benefit 2021.