Annual Benefit 2021

May 20, 2021

Donation FAQs

How do I make a donation to an individual participant?
How do I make a donation to a particular table?
Oops! I made my donation to the wrong place! What do I do?
How do I make a donation via check?
How quickly can I expect an online donation to post to a participant's fundraising page?
Is my donation tax-deductible?
Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?
What is Habitat for Humanity Chicago's Tax ID (EIN) number?
How do I set up a matching gift from my company?

Participation and Viewing FAQs

What is Habitat Chicago's Annual Benefit: Under One Roof?
When is the Annual Benefit livestream broadcast?
How can I participate?
How do I register to attend the event?
Where do I watch the virtual event?

Fundraising FAQs

I'm registered as a fundraiser. What is my goal?
Where does the money go?
How do I edit and manage my personal fundraising page? What are the resources available to me?
I'm a Table Host! Where do I start? How do I manage my team page?
What should I do if a check is written out to me personally?
Can I mail in a cash donation?
Can I enter a check online?
How quickly can I expect an online (credit card) donation posted to my page?
A donor is requesting a Tax ID number. What is that and how do I get it?
Where can I find a list of the people who have donated to my page?
Why am I receiving emails telling me that I've received a donation? Or why am I NOT receiving these emails?