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Kari King

You know what feels good? Meeting the soon-to-be owner of the house you are helping build. The owners help build the house we work on too. And, they take classes to help them understand how to manage a home, a mortgage, etc.

Oh, and I learn more every year that I participate.
For example, did you know that on average women get approved for fewer loans than men?

Yep. There are higher rates of mortgage denials despite superior payment performance, the barriers keeping women from homeownership are massive.

So, this is my third year to grab a hammer and help build a THIRD home in the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago through Habitat Chicago's Women Build alongside 300 other powerhouse women...including some of my all-time digital marketing favorites.

In our spare time, we will completely fund and begin building the home of a woman-led family through Habitat for Humanity Chicago.

Help me reach my goal - whatever you can give is appreciated!

Thank you!!



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