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Nikole Drever

Hi everyone!

I have joined Habitat for Humanity - Women Build on this important adventure to build a house for a woman and her family in a Chicago neighborhood.

We all know how a safe, healthy environment to live in can lead to success and happiness in all areas of life and the fact is, there are barriers for women to get a fair mortgage and become home owners.

But I'm doing something about it. I'm grabbing my hammer, leading a team of 11 amazing women, and joining in Habitat Chicago's Women Build alongside 300 other powerhouse women to knock these barriers down.

Together, we will completely fund and begin building the home of a woman-led family AND celebrate all of the women purchasing affordable homes with Habitat for Humanity Chicago.

This cause is important to me because I believe in the power of women. I believe empowering a woman to own a home can be the beginning of great things for her and women around her.

You can make a difference! Help me reach my goal so we can change the lives of these women forever and prove that there's nothing a woman can't do when she sets her mind to it.

I appreciate any support you can give - big, small, or somewhere in between.



raised of $1,000 goal

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This is great stuff! Keep on building!
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