Help me honor my Gram and hit my Women Build goal!

On October 3rd, the first day of Women Build 2017, my Grandma Rose passed away. She was a beautiful, resilient, selfless, compassionate woman and a straight up badass* in so many ways (she was LITERALLY Rosie the Riveter during World War II - working in a factory to build freaking airplanes).
*(Sorry for cursing gram, but you were!!!)

The day of her passing coincided with the first day of Women Build 2017, in which 300 women came to the Habitat build site in West Pullman to construct the home of Darlene Duke, who, like my gram, knocked down hurdle after hurdle to build a strong, stable, and bright future for her family. OH, and did I mention - these women also raised $163,000 to cover the cost of construction. Like HULLO!!!!! How amazing is that!!!!

Last year, I was feeling REALLY bummed to have had to miss Women Build after helping to plan it for a year, but I decided to throw out the sadness and start this fundraising page to celebrate my Grandma's life and help Darlene, another woman I admire so greatly, achieve homeownership. And thanks to all of the QUEENZ of my life, I was able to raise over $1,700 in her honor and Darlene is now a proud homeowner.

This year, I'm calling on all my queens once again to help me raise $2,300 (she was born in 1923 so that's where that comes from!) and help ANOTHER strong lady become a homeowner.

I mean it when I say - there is not a mission in this world I believe in more than Women Build.

I appreciate any support you can give you can give - a literal $1 will mean the freaking world (as will a cool $million, $100, $50, $25....)

Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks!
Your pal, Deena



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