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Katie Beeks
Many women in Chicago face unfair barriers to homeownership. From the gender pay gap (which impacts credit profiles), to uneven childcare responsibilities that consume time and financial resources, to higher rates of mortgage denials (despite superior payment performance), the hurdles keeping women from homeownership are high, yet owning your home is one of the most dynamic tools available to provide stability for women and their families.
On October 15, 2022, I'm joining Habitat Chicago's Women Build alongside hundreds of other women and future homeowners who are going through Habitat's financial literacy program. Together, we will build homes and garages on Chicago's south and west sides, providing hope and opportunity to these women and their loved ones.

Please help me reach my fundraising goal, all of which goes back to Habitat for building supplies and supporting their programs empowering these local women in their homeowner journey.
Change happens one person at a time. I appreciate any support you can give - big, small, or somewhere in between. 


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