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Beth Ralston
This is my FOURTH year leading an incredible group of women in the CRE industry for Habitat for Humanity Women Build and supporting this inspiring organization building homes for women led families. The negative impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic have been exceedingly difficult for so many, and continue to be disproportionately concentrated among women and marginalized communities. Continued support of worthy causes is more important than ever!

H4H Women Build Chicago: During the three week long effort in October 2021, the South Pullman jobsite will be composed completely of women. Our fundraising efforts not only go to building materials for the homes, but a variety of home buyer resources, including educational workshops, programs and community resources.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the amazing women who will be the homeowners and truly believe in the hard work both they and this organization are doing.

I understand the financial hardships facing so many individuals and businesses in the current economic climate. This has forced many to lower or do away with contributions to charitable causes. (No donation is too small - Please consider donating and forgoing the cost of your favorite coffee order or a carryout lunch.) Any support you can manage is sincerely appreciated!

Thank you!


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