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Welcome to Bill's Habitat Chicago fundraising page!

Bill Ness

Did you know that decent, stable, and affordable housing is crucial for a family's overall health and well-being? Families living in decent housing experience fewer health issues and are less likely to require emergency care. Children living in quality and affordable housing are significantly more likely to graduate from high school and college. Families living in affordable homes have double the discretionary income to pay down debt or invest in a savings account.

With one in ten Chicagoans currently living in inadequate housing, the time to act is now! I'm doing my part by grabbing a hammer, strapping on a tool belt, and raising the funds needed to construct a Habitat Chicago home. You can make a difference! By contributing to my goal, you will ensure that a family has a permanent place to call home and a bright, stable future full of growth and opportunity.  

I appreciate any support you can give, big or small, as we work together to see Chicago families thrive.

Let's do this!


raised of $500 goal

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1. RBRobert Bacci
A big thank you to Bill and the team for making a positive impact on our community! Bobby
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3. KFKristen Firzpatrick
Happy to be part of a great cause!
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Kerryann Haase Minton
5. TRTim Rohde
Hi Bill!
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