Support Studio Gang/Bulley & Andrews TEAM #1 Habitat for Humanity Women Build

10/6 Friday - Team Studio Gang 1

Do you know what happens when 12 rockstar designrs and construction industry women come together and set their minds to something? Only amazing things.

On 10/6 Friday our Studio Gang/Bulley & Andrews Team is taking a stand for affordable housing in Chicago. We are helping 1 of 259,000 people in this city who are in need of a decent place to live. So we're grabbing hammers, drills, paint brushes - whatever it takes - to build this home for The Duke Family!

How can you help us make this even more amazing? Contribute to our goal of raising at least $5,000 to make the Women Build home a reality. Any amount - big, small, or in between - makes a tremendous difference.

Thank you!



raised of $9,000 goal

12 Builders


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1. RWRobert Wait
You go, Sarah!
2. CGChristopher Godwin
3. RJRenoj Jacob
4. BFBrendan Francis
5. MBMaura Buechner
Great work Corinne! So proud to work with you every day here at O'Neil
6. RPReema Patel
Just amazing and such an inspiration! Great work Jen! Love Reema