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Welcome to Stephanie Leonard's Habitat Chicago Page

Stephanie Leonard

We will be traveling to Honduras to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, to help with our goal of everyone having a place to call home.

Currently in Honduras 68.2% of the population lives in poverty, of which 44.6% are extremely poor. 8% of households are overcrowded, plus 14% of households do not have a water and sanitation systems. Also, 38% of households in rural areas do not have electricity.

Habitat for Humanity Chicago is coming together with Habitat Honduras to do our part in making a difference. Help us raise the money that keeps construction going for homes.

Any support, no matter the amount, helps us make our goal!


raised of $2,000 goal

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1. Lance Leonard
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3. Virginia Clagett
This support is not only for Stephanie's project , though that's good on it's own..., but think of it as something President Carter has worked on to help the homeless.... and what a good and caring human being we had as President...And he is still working for the betterment of all..at 90 yrs, !!! Go Stephanie.....
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5. Hewie Vargas
Dont make it habit!
6. Virginia Clagett
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Team Chicago goes to Honduras