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Connect Search LLC

Did you know that there are over 259,000 people in Chicago are in need of affordable housing? That's a crazy number - but we can change it!

Connect Search LLC is coming together to do our part in making a difference in Chicago. Not only are we grabbing hammers and strapping on tool belts - we're raising the money that keeps construction going for Habitat Chicago homes. We will be volunteering on Saturday, August 12th, 2017.

You can make a difference, too - by contributing towards our goal, you will ensure that Habitat Chicago families have a place to call home.

We appreciate any support you can give - big or small - as we work together to see Chicago neighborhoods thrive!

Thank you!

Connect Search, LLC


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Hi Sara, A good cause. Paul
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Quincie Glimcher ~ You have a kind and caring heart and are always looking out for those less fortunate than yourself.