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Helen Torres
Change happens one person at a time.

This October 9th, for the first time, I will be volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. As part of the Women in Structural Engineering (WiSE) and Landmarks Skyline Council Women Build Team, we are joining 500 women in the Habitat Chicago's Women Build. Together, we will help women become homeowners with Habitat Chicago, a nonprofit committed to building a world where everyone has a decent place to live. 

Please consider a $25 or $50 donation to this important and historically successful campaign.

Thank you for your consideration,



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1. CSChristine A Strom
What a wonderful cause, Helen! Thank you for the inspiration and for supporting strong women in our community!
2. PSPeter Stankovich
3. CSCyrus Subawalla
4. CJCathleen Jacinto
What a wonderful cause!! Enjoy the day!
5. LLinda
6. BWBill Warner
What a great cause Helen. Go pound some nails!
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