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Welcome to Dan's Habitat Chicago fundraising page!

Dan Tennett

Did you know that 1 in 10 people in Chicago are in need of decent housing? That's a staggering number, but we’re working to change that!
I’m partnering up with the larger Chicago Real Estate community to do our part in making a difference in our city. This July through November, not only are we grabbing hammers and strapping on tool belts but we're also raising the money needed to fund an entire Habitat for Humanity Chicago home for a low-income family. You can make a difference too! By contributing to my goal, you will ensure that a family has a permanent and affordable place to call home.
I appreciate any support you can give, big or small or in between, as we work together to see Chicago families and neighborhoods thrive! 
Let's do this!


Thanks for exceeding my goal! it is time to set a new bar for this amazing cause. Lets go for $3000 Thank you everyone!


We are working with the tools on 10/18/2019. Will send photos of the action.


raised of $3,000 goal

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